About Melmark

Mr. and Mrs. Melmark

A History of Developing Personal Worth and Achievement
Melmark is a comprehensive multi-service provider of residential, educational, therapeutic, and recreational services for children and adults with developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorders, acquired brain injury, other neurological and genetic disorders, and related challenging behaviors. Founded in 1966, by parents, Paul and Mildred Krentel, Melmark's programs are offered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania and Andover, Massachusetts. Our varied programs promote independence, increased self-awareness, and confidence, while offering participants opportunities to make friends and develop personal interests.

Melmark delivers effective research-based services emphasizing personal worth and achievement. All programming occurs in the least restrictive environment possible.

Attaining Excellence at Melmark
As Melmark staff members develop promising practices, we are often in a position to advance the field and share our findings with others in the field. Papers describing our work are typically presented at professional conferences. We often start to present our research at regional conferences, and as a research topic evolves, or we get positive feedback at those conferences, we present data at larger national and international conferences.

The exchange of information also occurs in the classroom. Several of our staff members maintain academic appointments that involve teaching and supervision of students in pursuit of advanced degrees. Below you will find a list of the Melmark professionals who hold academic appointments of that kind.

Two Locations

Melmark is one of the premier organizations in the country offering services to those with special needs. Melmark serves nearly 300 children
and adults with a wide range of developmental disabilities in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.



Joanne Gillis DonovanJoanne Gillis-Donovan, Ph.D., R.N.
Melmark President and CEO